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How to Avoid Surgery for Arthritis in Your Neck

On a daily basis in America, neck pain affects millions of Americans. Most commonly this is coming from arthritis in a person’s neck either at one particular level or it may be coming from multiple.

Chronic Pain in the Rural Community: A Novel Approach to Getting Help

A recent and novel approach to seeing patients is emerging. This is called “telemedicine.” This is a well-recognized way to see patients. Initially it was used for patients in only rural communities but now it is being adapted by many medical clinics as a way to decrease the number of patients sitting in the waiting room and allow quicker access of patients to the doctor. Telemedicine consists of a visit with the doctor via phone or video conferencing. This becomes a regular visit and becomes part of your medical record. In certain situations insurance and even Medicare reimburse for the visit. Online pain management has become very useful for patients with chronic pain. Now patients who need to visit with their doctor monthly don’t have to travel and sit in a waiting room for hours every month.

How to Effectively Treat Knee Arthritis Without Surgery

There are millions of Americans walking around right now with arthritis in either one or both knees. Just because a person has knee arthritis does not mean pain will be present, but if it is bothersome what are the best ways to treat it?

Ways To Treat Ankle Arthritis Nonoperatively

The ankle joint has articular cartilage just like any other mobile joint. It is prone to arthritis either from simple degenerative wear and tear or maybe more rapidly after a trauma. Here are 5 ways to treat ankle arthritis nonoperatively.

Steps Towards a Successful Pain Management Program

In our daily life pain comes and goes. You stub your toe on the door jam and wince in pain. It throbs and throbs but in a few minutes it ends up feeling fine. Maybe it’s a little tender, but you don’t sit around aching in pain all day.

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