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Help Heal Fibromyalgia by Balancing Acid and Alkaline Levels

One of the single most important indicators to your health is the pH of your blood and tissues-how acidic or alkaline it is. The term pH stands for “potential of Hydrogen”-it’s a measure of the relative acidity or alkalinity of a solution.

A Pain Management Psychologist – What is My Doctor Thinking?

Patients suffering with chronic pain can often benefit from working with a clinical psychologist with training in behavioral medicine. However, patients may be confused or threatened when their medical doctors refer them for this kind of specialized treatment. This article describes how the psychologist can help the patient deal with the emotional reactions that often accompany chronic pain, as well as to learn helpful pain management strategies: relaxation, mental imagery, and self-hypnosis.

My Former Life

Right now Fibromyalgia has been classified as a neurosensory disorder characterized, in part, by abnormalities in the central nervous system pain processing center. The central nervous system (CNS) consisting of the brain and spinal cord, are easily injured by accidents or stress.

How to Choose Orthopedic Shoes

A lot of people have problems with their feet. However, this doesn’t always stop them from wearing the wrong types of shoes, which could lead to further foot problems and even other problems with your body, including poor posture. If you want to correct foot problems, or keep them from getting worse, it is a good idea to wear comfortable or orthopedic shoes. Find out more about this subject right here.

Fibromyalgia – Good News For Sufferers

Do you experience fibromyalgia syndrome? If so then you would certainly have suffered the frustration, pain and trouble that it can create. It is hard to describe to those who don’t possess the affliction just what it is like and you generally have to endure it without moaning. Yet there is actually great news for sufferers.

Don’t Let a Pain in Your Foot Become a Pain in Your Butt!

Foot pain is common. At some point most people will experience pain or discomfort in their foot. While much of the time this is due to a direct foot issue, it sometimes can be because of instability elsewhere in the lower extremity.

Ice Or Heat?

This article explains the differences between treatment protocols for ice and heat. Since they are used differently, it will explain how and when.

How to Get Out of Pain Naturally

Pain is something that far too many of us have to deal with regularly, and there are many of us who take prescription medications as a result of that pain. There are some natural items that are available which can assist in overcoming pain and being able to deal with them effectively, one of these being the ancient Chinese medical practice of using herbs.

Migraine Relief Options – Easing the Pain

Migraine relief has become a common issue as there are literally millions and millions of Americans that suffer from migraines on a daily basis. Luckily, there are both natural home remedies and over the counter remedies.

Pain Management For Seniors

You may experience pain off and on during your lifetime. The pain that you experience can be due to a condition or disease. It may also be due to broken bones, arthritis, and other illnesses that effects movements. Pain differs for everyone and pain tolerance is also an individual thing.

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