Federal Cannabis Legalization News – August 2020 – Cannabis News Roundup

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SCIATICA – What You Need to Know

What it is. What it feels like. How it is tested. How it is treated.

Broken Arm Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Broken arms are a common injury resulting from a variety of activities and health related issues. The arm is made up of three bones – the ulna, humerus and radius. The most common cause of a fracture is bearing weight onto an outstretched arm in an attempt to brace oneself.

Pain Management Guidelines

There are numerous types of pain treatments available, but which one is right for you? Some people find themselves turning to newer forms of pain treatment because the old standbys no longer work. Some are still confused on what type of treatment is best for them that can really give them relief. Here are some basic steps to follow when seeking guidance for pain treatments:

Is the Butrans Patch Right For You?

The Butrans patch is an opioid narcotic gaining popularity in the U.S. pain management community. Learn about this medication and the concerns that come with opioids.

Don’t Live With Pain: How Physiotherapists Can Help With Radiculotherapy

There is no reason to live with mysterious pain. How physiotherapists can diagnose and treat radiculopathy.

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