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Five Tips to Follow Before Seeing a Sports Medicine Doctor

An athlete would suffer from injuries and this is natural. However, if your hurts are not healing with time and home-made remedies; it is better to pay a visit to a doctor and take his assistance.

How to Prevent Knee Injuries

Your knees are more delicate than you think. Vulnerable to wear and tear, the knees can be prone to pain and injury if we don’t take measures to protect them before exercising. With that said, here are some useful tips for protecting your knees and preventing knee injuries.

Sports Injuries That Require Attention From a Shoulder Surgeon

Every now and then, we hear sportsmen suffering from injuries. While they tend to get hurt practically everywhere on their body, one of the most common spot that is susceptible to injury is the shoulder. The most common shoulder injuries seen on field include dislocations, Acromioclavicular joint (ACJ) injuries, rotator cuff tear, shoulder labrum tear thrower’s shoulder, biceps injuries, bursitis and fractures.

Prophylactic Knee Brace

This knee brace is designed to protect your knee from injury when you are playing contact sports and fits around your leg. This knee brace can incorporate bilateral or unilateral hinge designs. Bilateral means both sides and unilateral means only on one side. These braces are mainly comprised of straps with adhesives, bars, and hinges.

Do Whatever Works to Alleviate Pain in Chronic Illness

When we go to a medical doctor, we expect him to know everything. But this is not the case. Add to this the fact that chronic-illness has to be treated very different from an acute illness, and there are a lot of questions that medical professionals may have in order to make a proper treatment plan for a patient. Therefore, the treatment plans for chronically-ill patients are very different from a patient who comes to the doctor with an acute condition. Most doctors have a hard time to determine what they can do when a patient is having symptoms that are chronic and that keep recurring. One of the chief complaints for chronically-ill patients is that they are in prolonged pain and discomfort. Some don’t sleep well and they feel very tired and cannot carry on doing what they used to even a year or so ago. In this article, I will show you how to manage your pain.

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