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How To Treat Jumper’s Knee With A Very Effective Exercise

If there was an award for the most annoying injury, I’m sure that jumper’s knee would be a nominee. Unlike most injuries, jumper’s knee seems to have an affectionate connection to its owner. I’m serious; I’ve heard stories of people who have suffered from jumper’s knee for 10 years.

Sham Acupuncture May Have Therapeutic Mechanism of Its Own

With research showing sham and real acupuncture to yield similar results, the legitimacy of acupuncture has been called into question. However, new research suggests that sham acupuncture may be effective for certain patients in its own right.

Could It Be Whiplash?

Something is really wrong with your neck. Getting out of bed is almost impossible without extreme pain.and trying to turn your head is painful. Just trying to walk across the room hurts. What is wrong here? You knew you were shaken up, but felt fine after the auto accident. Now this unforeseen pain and discomfort- what is it?

Chiropractic Care of Subluxations

Subluxations go by a variety of different names including vertebral subluxation, nerve interference or vertebral subluxation complex. Subluxations occur when spinal vertebrae lose their normal positioning or motion.

Desk Jobs and Back Pain

Chances are when you accepted your desk job, you did not see anything in the job description regarding back pain. In fact, the thought probably never even crossed your mind that sitting at a desk all day could lead to back pain.

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