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How To Avoid Getting Neck Pain While Driving

There are certain tips you can follow to avoid developing neck pain while you are driving. You can read some of these helpful tips below.

Don’t Let Your Injury Get Stuck Between Second and Third Gear

A new medical model is emerging to explain what happens when injuries don’t entirely clear up but instead become chronic. Sometimes, in order to jump start the healing process, an effective treatment has to irritate the problem area and signal the body to re-initiate the inflammation and resolution cycle. Transverse friction massage is one manual therapy technique that accomplishes this.

Top 7 Natural Remedies to Fight Sciatica

Sciatica pain makes people suffer terribly. Most of the modern treatments do not help. Cortisone shots and Epidural injections may help temporarily, but do not take the pain away. All the painkillers contain chemicals, which help generate more disorders in the body. We all are tired of modern medicine and are in the search of new avenues. I suffered over 30 years, helped myself with natural remedies and now, I am enjoying a life free of pain.

How To Deal With A Tennis Elbow

A tennis elbow is a muscle strain injury that is caused due to overuse of the muscle and tendons in your elbow. Very often, the pain could spread to the wrist and forearm. It is a painful condition often seen in tennis players because of the nature of the game. Interestingly, despite the name this condition is often seen in people who don’t even play tennis.

How to Reduce Chronic Inflammation

I have noticed that the most important thing to remember when fighting chronic inflammation is that my daily choices and lifestyle are a direct influence on my condition.If I am living a stressful life filled with bad food, bad toxins, and even bad relationships, I am directly worsening my condition of chronic inflammation.

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