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The Causes and Cure of Hemorrhoids

Most people of adult age have probably suffered the indignity of dealing with Hemorrhoids, also known as Piles. As anyone who has suffered from piles knows, these can be very uncomfortable and painful. In a medical sense they are swollen veins, somewhat similar to varicose veins that develop in the legs, except that these are veins located in the anus. Problems arise when these tear under pressure, resulting in the familiar, painful hemorrhoids.

Diminish Pain With the Power of Magnets

What do you know about magnetic therapy? Read this article for an overview of this alternative form of pain treatment and the varying opinions that surround its use!

Don’t Hurt Your Back This Christmas Hanging Decorations

Reports by the CDC and CPSC indicate that holiday injuries have increased in recent years. Exercising caution and adhering to these decorating safety tips can help prevent back injuries resulting from falls. Help your family decorate safely this year.

How To Reduce Hip Pain

Hip pain is something that most people commonly associate with advanced age, and most people will recall having seen movies or advertisements showing old people hobbling about while complaining loudly of the agony their hips were causing them. While it is certainly true that pain in the hip is common among older individuals, mostly due to the onset of joint pain from arthritis, there are other causes of such pain. Young people can also experience this type of pain due to physical injuries or simply from overuse.

TMJ and Jaw Joint Pain

Ever feel like your mouth is stuck opened or closed or your jaw just doesn’t want to cooperate like it should? Do you suffer from jaw joint pain? Many people experience both, and it could be a sign of what is referred to as TMJ. The more you know about TMJ, the more you will be able to help determine if it could be the source of your pain, and then seek the right treatment for it!

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