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Consider an Ankle Brace As a Possible Solution For Treatment

Suffering from ankle problems is quite common among people belonging to all trades of life. Any number of activities carried out as part of daily routine can lead to ankle issues. If you are among the many who are having problems with your ankles, if you hear a cracking sound keeping from your ankle when you walk, if there is some kind of discomfort that you feel when you are on your feet or when you are doing your regular activities, then you should read this article.

What is Pain? A Modern Scientific Perspective

Understanding pain is a key aspect of effective management. There have been significant advances in our knowledge of pain and the underpinning mechanisms. This means that treatments can be tailored and more effective for the individual. This article summarises our knowledge and introduces the reader to the mechanisms of pain.

How Little Strength Training Injuries Turn Into Big Ones – Non-Disruptive Muscle Strains

Muscle strains are common during strength and bodybuilding training. Only rarely are they debilitating and minor strains can be difficult to take seriously. These minor strains, known as non-disruptive muscle strains, may set the trainee up for subsequent injury to the site which is usually much more severe than the original injury.

Tolerance? Threshold? What Kind of Pain is It?

Finally! A day without outrageous humidity. There was a slight breeze, sunshine and warm, moderate temperatures. It felt so good to turn my face to the sun. It’s been a real long time since I’ve been able to feel the warmth.

Heat Therapy – When to Use it and How

Heat Therapy is a very useful self help technique for muscular pain. As muscular pain accounts for a large proportion of chronic pain, including most cases of back and neck pain this makes heat therapy an invaluable technique. Pain due to muscular spasm and “trigger points” can be intense but still respond well to heat.

Cervical Radiculopathy in Pregnant and Nursing Mothers

Patients suffering from neck pain and radiating along one of the shoulder or the whole upper limb is a common scenario in Cervical radiculopathy. Things get more complicated when it happens in the backdrop of Pregnancy or in lactating mothers. Interferential therapy combined with posture training, Neck Isometric exercises and Cervical Collar, contribute in symptomatic improvement.

Sharp Pain Around Hip and Buttock That Streaks Down the Leg

Every step feels like walking on hot coals when sharp pain around the hip and buttock shoots down the back of your leg. Sciatic pain is a common problem among men and women. This article provides practical advices and insights for anyone who is plagued with this disabling condition.

A Knee Strap – Reduce Your Knee Pain

Knee pain is very common amongst people that do sport regularly. The fact is that the knees take a lot of the stress that we put through our body, and although most of the time they are a very effective shock absorber, there are sometimes when they just stop working so efficiently.

If Your Ankle Popped How Can You Benefit From an Ankle Brace?

Consider your ankle lately and answer these questions! In the recent days or weeks, have you hurt your ankle in any way? Was the injury accompanied by a popping sound followed by swelling and pain? Do you have ideas on how to make the healing process faster and more effective?

The Low Power Laser and Neuropathy, Something to Get Excited About?

New developments in laser technology are offering exciting new treatment options for patients suffering from neuropathy. Low level laser therapy is emerging as a viable tool to reduce or eliminate burning, pain and numbness associated with damaged nerves. Preliminary research seems to indicate that low level laser therapy may not only relieve the symptoms of neuropathy, but may also promote the repair and restoration of nerve fibers.

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