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Frozen Shoulder Exercises With No Equipment

Frozen shoulder exercises during recovery can help speed the recovery. This debilitating condition can last up to two years or more. Frozen shoulder affects people over 40 mostly women and some men it’s been linked to ovary weight diabetes among other variables.

Things To Consider Before Buying Pain Medications

Pain medications are usually sold as over the counter medications which mean that you will not need to present a prescription in order to buy them. The distribution and use of these medications are regulated by the Food and Drug Authority. Make it a habit to read the label or the drug literature before purchasing pain medications, given that you are deciding on your own without the help of a physician.

Bursitis: The Cause of Bursitis

For 20 years I have had bursitis in my shoulders and have had my share of cortisone and other medication. I lived on codeine for 25 years. At night I could not find a comfortable sleeping position. I could not even roll over in bed without pain in my back, neck, and shoulders. My hands and arms were very painful. When I got up in the morning I could hardly stand or walk. I was in constant pain 24 hours a day.

The Holistic Approach to Pain – Pain Management

The holistic approach to treatment of pain arising from an injury focuses on relieving pain and inflammation without harming the body. Holistic treatments promote the body’s healing response so that the area of injury is healed as quickly and completely as possible.

I Have Knee Arthritis – Now What Am I Supposed To Do For Pain Management?

Knee arthritis is a very common problem that affects millions of Americans each year. There are numerous types of problems that lead to be arthritis. The most common would be normal wear and tear arthritis.

How Do You Use Ice And Heat To Help Heal An Injury?

One of the most frequent questions I hear is “When do I use heat and when do I use ice?” for injuries. Generally speaking you use ice for an acute (recent) injury and heat for a chronic injury or pain. Having said that, let’s look at the reasons so that you’ll never need to ask the question again, and you’ll always know what to do.

Nonoperative Management of Rotator Cuff Tendonitis, Called Impingement Syndrome

The most common cause of shoulder pain in this country is from impingement syndrome, also known as rotator cuff tendonitis. Impingement syndrome is a term that stands for pinching of the soft tissue between the area of the shoulder called the acromion and the rotator cuff musculature. The area that gets pinched when you lift or rotate your arm is called a bursa.

Relieve Muscle Soreness – 4 Tips

Maybe you lifted weights at the gym. It could be the marathon last Sunday. Whatever it is, your muscles are now sore and you can’t walk or move properly. But you know it is good injury. Muscles will outgrow the soreness and return stronger when they heal completely.

Fibromyalgia: Symptoms and Treatment Options

Fibromyalgia is defined as pain for more than three months both above and below the waist. The more accurate name for this condition is chronic widespread pain. It is a diagnosis of exclusion when the doctor does not identify an obvious cause for the pain.

When Is It Appropriate For A Pain Patient To Receive Chronic Pain Medications?

When is it appropriate for a patient to receive chronic pain medication? The answer is not an easy one. Pain doctors often run into situations where they are asked to see patients who are receiving chronic pain medication and want to switch over their care to receive these chronic pain medications.

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