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Cranial Molding Helmet – Baby and Infant Helmets For a Flat Head – How To Get One For Your Child

This brief article discusses the use of cranial molding helmets for infants. The benefits of this form of treatment are discussed and we will also describe what medical professionals do this line of work.

TMJ Chiropractor

Learn what TMJ truly is and what causes the pain associated with this common ailment. Learn how you can get out of pain, by yourself or by using your chiropractor, and get back to living without jaw pain.

Neck Braces, Rigid Collars – Why It’s Important To See a Brace Specialist, Providers Near You

This brief article will discuss the use of neck braces (rigid collars). We will also discuss why its important to work with a specialist in orthotics near you.

Proteolytic Enzymes and Natural Pain Relief

Proteolytic enzymes are being widely used by many health practitioners these days to help with such diverse conditions as autoimmune conditions, heart disease, inflammation and plaque. Even cancer treatment has been suggested by some doctors as a possible target. How can we learn more about these powerful enzymes and what they are?

Stiff Neck Remedies – Can You Remedy Your Pain Without Medication?

Many men and women have problems with a stiff neck every day of the week. What is even worse is people don’t know the proper way to deal with this issue. Instead of looking the actual issues which causes their stiff neck, they only look at the symptoms and treat those.

The Benefits of Stretching – Relieve Muscle Pain

There are many benefits of stretching, but many exercisers choose to learn it specifically in order to relieve muscle pain. Repetitive movements at work, at home, can cause an over exerted condition in the muscles, if the muscles are not otherwise strengthened, stretched, and relaxed properly. Easy and correct stretches done after work, or a workout, can help keep the muscles in good form, and prevent aches, pains and injuries. If you have little time or energy after a day’s work, you can add an exercise or two to your routines, bit by bit.

How the Pain Away Pain Relief Pen Works

The Pain Away pain relief pen is basically a small portable version of the TENS machine used by hospitals to provide drug free pain relief for severe and chronic pain of minor injuries. Find out why and how it works.

Pain Relief the Natural Way!

Any pain is a warning sign from your body that no one should ignore. When we experience pain of any sort, the first thing we think of is to rid our self of the pain as fast as possible, one would prefer this in a natural as possible way without any side effects. To find a way of pain relief the natural way would be the best solution of them all.

Relieve Muscle Pain – Dancer, Cheer Leader, Office Desk

How to relieve muscle pain. If you are a dancer, cheer leader, golfer, tennis player, anyone in sports, or someone who sits at their office desk all day, I know you get muscle pain. Neck pain, upper back pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain. You try to fit in the visits to the chiropractor, doctor, massage therapist, and so forth. Yet, with your limited time, and maybe no health insurance to help pay, how can you be pro-active and learn how to get rid of muscle pain by yourself? Try some basic muscle stretching exercises.

Back Spasm Treatment – Learn Muscle Stretching Exercises

Back spasm treatment – when I recommend self treatment I am talking about mild, periodic, nagging back problems. Muscle stretching exercises are easy to learn, at home, for any recreational sports enthusiast, recreational dancer, or golfer. Pain that does not resolve with rest, some icing, and muscle stretching exercises, should be resolved with the help of a health care practitioner. If you like to learn, work out, and condition yourself well, the following may be interesting for you.

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