How to Open a Dispensary in Pennsylvania

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Back Pain Cause – Lumbar Back Pain

The complaint of back are among the most prevalent medical problems. At first, the positive side, poorly understood that most of the episodes of pain address, and typically within a few weeks. Unfortunately, pain can be surrounded by the most gloomy and depressing problems for patients and his or her doctors.

Are Your Headaches and Jaw Pains Really Symptoms of a Condition Called TMJ Disorder?

The groups of people most at risk of having the TMJ disorder are women between the ages of 30 and 50 who clench their jaw or grind their teeth in their sleep, have a metabolic or nutrition disorder, have a high stress level and have malocclusion (bad bite). Scientists are currently doing research to discover if there is a link between female hormones and TMJ disorder since this condition afflicts twice as many women as men.

The ABC(s) to Effectively Manage Chronic Pain

Pain is the single most common reason for patients to seek medical care. The specialty of pain medicine is concerned with the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of painful disorders. Chronic pain is a pain that persists and is often defined as a pain that lasts more than three months. A 2011 survey by the Institute of Medicine indicates that 116 million Americans experience some type of chronic pain. Therefore, it is important that the patient and physician work together to treat chronic pain.

The Changing Face of Medicine: Pain Management Doctors on Your iPad

Telemedicine is the emerging field of medicine connecting doctors to patient via convenience of modern technology allowing for less time in the office and more free time for patients. Pain management doctors have begun to use this technology to treat chronic pain. Online pain management is a convenient and acceptable way for chronic pain patients to stay in close touch with their pain doctor.

Controlling Arthritis, Inflammation And Pain

Most of us by now know that it is important to eat fish and to take our fish oils to keep our memory sound and our joints lubricated. However what do we do when despite our best efforts our body is beginning to seize up and we have pain in our joints, cramps and are told we have arthritis?

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