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Why Do My Ears Hurt When Flying And How To Ease The Pain?

It was the summer of 2006 and I was about to travel on an airplane for the very first time. I was super excited and I couldn’t wait to actually get on the plane from the very first time I knew I would be traveling. At that time I was in my first year of university and I was about to undertake a summer work and travel program in the United States of America.

Study: Early Physical Therapy Reduces Medical Expenses For Back Pain Patients

A study shows physical therapy treatment within weeks of back pain occurrence reduces medical expenses of patients and decreases risk of chronic pain. Learn how physical therapy can help.

Having The Support You Need Most

Men with reducible inguinal hernias can get the much needed relief from the pain by wearing hernia belts. Support hernia belts will give men the option on what adjustments will support the hernia with the right amount of pressure for comfort. The hernia support brace is supplied with foam cushions that can be removed if only one is needed for support. The cushions will help relieve the pain of the hernia by applying light pressure around the sore area of the groin/hernia. The hernia support brace will focus pressure on the inguinal hernia and help push it back. Men can use just one support pad for treatment of a single hernia.

Risk Factors Of Chronic Back Pain: Psychological States

How can you prevent acute back pain from becoming chronic? Studies show that one possible answer lies in your psyche.

Digital Motion X-ray – The Future Is Here

Routine x-rays or MRI test produces images while a patient is lying or standing still. During these tests, stretches or tears in the ligaments or joint instability are usually left undiagnosed due to unobserved range of motion. This often leaves patients frustrated because the real nature of their condition or injury is not revealed by standard X-rays or MRI.

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