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Chronic Pain and the 3 Forgotten S’s: Sex, Sleep, and Spirituality

When it comes to managing pain and figuring out why you hurt, the following questions must be asked: what impairments are perpetuating the pain, and why hasn’t the pain gone away? Seems simple enough, but in an age where modern medicine’s approach to pain management is typically to throw in as much medication as possible to provide relief versus trying to understand the root cause, the pain cycle can be very hard to break. Frequently, health providers treat the pain but don’t always treat the person. This article highlights the importance of taking a multifactorial approach to treating pain and making sure not to forgo addressing 3 key factors: sexual health, sleep, and spirituality

Neck Pain FAQs

If you experience sudden or long-term neck pain in this article will help you understand some of the symptoms, possible causes and things you should know about neck pain and visiting a chiropractor. When dealing with personal discomfort, pain and injury it is best to understand what you are feeling and what your body is telling you in order to properly give a medical history of the problem to your chiropractor.

The Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Ever wondered how what you eat affects your body? Find out some of the best anti-inflammatory foods here…

An Effective Way To Ease And Relieve Body Pains

Many people really feel body aches and pains especially when they are working every day. The stress at home and at work will really drain all the energy and strength in a person. And if not treated well, this will surely result to a more serious health problem.

Negotiating Chronic Pain With Your Brain

Easing chronic pain to a manageable place can be done without medication. The brain is the command center that sends out pain signals to the body. Understanding the relationship between the brain and chronic pain can provide answers to many people living in distress because of chronic pain. Learn about the bodies natural ability to heal, EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) and what you can do to have a happier, healthier life.

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