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Treating Head Injuries and Post Traumatic Concussions

This article is encouraged and dedicated by a couple of my concussed patients. I’m assuming that you’ve sustained a concussion from a head injury. You were assessed, diagnosed with concussion and treated with prescription medications and plenty of rest.

Top 3 Exercise Treatments for Common Knee Joint Pain

There are 2 types of knee pain causes that are mainly acute knee pain and chronic knee pain. Generally acute knee pain is caused by an accident or a fall and the pain will only be present for a short time. It occurs mostly in sports activities and the treatment for such knee pains is to undergo a surgery so as to be fully treated.

What Do You Want Today?

Pain is the ultimate waker-upper. There’s probably a real word for that, but I can’t think of it right now. Waker-upper works, because it’s actually pain’s job description. Whether it’s physical pain, emotional pain, or mental pain, it makes you sit up and take notice. Yeah, I know – what a seriously annoying alarm clock!

TENS Units and Muscle Stimulators for Athletic Pain Treatment

Pain is nothing new to athletes. They often deal with pain and soreness, to at least some extent, every day. Some believe being able to push through the pain is what creates the best athletes.

Pain Below the Knee Cap and in Front of the Knee With Walking and Running

Knee cap pain and pain in front and back of the knee are common among women. The article provides insights about patellofemoral pain syndrome which will help you make smart and informative decisions.

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