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Fibromyalgia Treatment

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that produces widespread muscle pain, disturbed sleep, and exhaustion. Pain felt by a person with this affliction is a lot more intense than someone who does not have it. This is because of a malfunction in the nervous system, wherein pain impulses are transmitted to the brain three times higher than normal.

Question and Answer Session on Whiplash Injuries

How big of a problem is Whiplash in the US? In the United States there are approximately 3 million occurrences of whiplash per year. This is astounding but true. Here are some questions and answers about whiplash injuries.

Occurrence of Nasal Polyps and Inflammation

Sinusitis and nasal polyps are seen together, and people who are affected by one of them should possibly know the links of co-occurrence between them. The symptoms for sinusitis or the nasal polyps are often caused by allergies or chronic sinus infection that could be because of small growths on the inner lining of your sinuses.

Metal AFO – The Benefits of This Kind of Brace – Where to Get This Orthosis

This brief article talks about the use of metal AFOs. It will also talk about where to get this kind of brace and how it can benefit you (or your patients).

Carbon Fiber Foot Drop Brace – Right or Left AFO – Braces To Help You Walk Better – Topic Review

If you, or one of your patients, suffer from foot drop then this article can provide you with useful information. Carbon fiber AFOS and thermoplastic AFOs are discussed in this article.

Back Pain Or Other Unexplained Pain? Listen to Your Brain

Unexplained and indeterminate pain in otherwise healthy patients is crowding epidemic proportions these days. Treatments for it range widely, most with little or no benefit to the patients. What is causing this and how is it best dealt with? One doctor seems to have hit upon the answer.

Neck Pain and Injury to Soft Tissue

Neck pain could be caused in several ways including, as examples, resting in an awkward position while asleep or sustaining a serious neck injury due to being in an automobile accident. A chiropractor will apply stimulation on the neck muscles and surrounding soft tissue area. Usually the chiropractor will achieve dramatic pain alleviation within the first week and sometimes right after the first visit.

Does Cobroxin Really Work For Pain Reflief?

No individual likes to experience physical pain. However, it is something that manages to catch up with every individual at some point or the other in his/her life. There is nothing much that you can do in order to prevent lower back pain and pain in joints.

What You Should Know About Heel Spur Treatment

Plantar fasciitis is a common and painful condition. Often referred to as heel spur, this condition can literally fill each and every step with excruciating pain. The good news is that finding a safe and effective heel spur treatment is easy to do.

What Is The Best Leg Cramps Remedy?

If you frequently suffer from shooting pains in your legs, identifying a suitable leg cramps remedy can be extremely desirable. Putting an end to the misery that is caused can bring a long lasting relief. There are in fact, a number of treatment options that can be considered to get rid of the problem in its entirety.

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