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Reframe Your Mind to Relieve Your Body Pain

Many people become overwhelmed by body pain and feel helpless about doing something about it. Body pain is actually made worse by the way we think about it. Reframing is a simple method to help you change the way you respond to pain.

The Best Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis – 3 Simple Remedies to Ease Your Pain

If you are just being diagnose with plantar fasciitis, you might want to know what is the best treatment for plantar fasciitis. Actually, the best treatment will depend on how bad your condition is and usually it will differ from one person to another. If you are desperate to know more, please keep reading as I am about to reveal the treatment that might be the one you need.

Symptoms of Stress Fractures – What Athletes Need to Know

Stress fractures, which are tiny cracks in bones, may not have observable symptoms at first. Therein lies the problem.

Fibromyalgia Sucks – What a Pain

Fibromyalgia Sucks and is a real pain in the neck. I just wanted to spout off and to let you know you are not alone. We feel your pain and I mean Pain. We have been there so we know what you are going through. Your pain is real and it is a real problem.

Managing Fibromyalgia – Is There a Way?

Is there a way to manage fibromyalgia? Let us look at the different ways to manage fibromyalgia. I want to talk about how it has been done in the past and what you can do in the present. I would also like to point you in another direction and tell you where you can go to get alternative and also natural treatment and therapy for your fibromyalgia.

Joint Inflammation – How to Get Relief

Those of you who are suffering from joint inflammation need no introduction to joint pain. Joint inflammation is usually the cause of joint pain. Anyone who is serious about getting relief needs to treat the cause. In most cases, all the heat treatments, creams and prescription drugs are just treating the symptoms.

Don’t Ignore Leg Cramps! It Could Be Poor Circulation!

Your body is a miraculous machine! Think about all the systems that have to work together to keep you feeling and functioning at your highest level. As an anti-aging doctor I try to prevent health problems from occurring in my patients by taking a pro-active approach to their well being. One area of particular concern and importance to me is circulation.

Compression Stockings – The Uses and Benefits

Modern day work techniques have left many of us thinking. How to avoid stress and other issues that are related with long working hours. Sometimes we are asked to sit for long hours and there is no way out of it. Almost every other feet problem is because of lack of movement and blood circulation.

Is Hip Pain Keeping You Up at Night? Read This!

Does hip pain limit your everyday activities such as walking up and down stairs or getting up from a seated position? Do you have trouble sleeping because pain keeps you awake? If you are reading this, chances are you can relate to some of these symptoms. You may even be taking prescription medications or using walking aids to help relieve the pain you endure on a daily basis.

Heel Pain in Children

Heel pain is not uncommon in children, and can make sports and other activities difficult to participate in. The cause of most heel pain in children differs somewhat from heel pain in adults, and is therefore treated a little differently. This article discusses the nature of heel pain in children, and how it can be relieved.

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