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When A Negative Is a Positive – Achieving Pain Relief With A Tens Or Interferential Unit

How to use a tens unit or interferential unit for pain relief. Positive and negative charges can be used to reduce swelling and to concentrate the charges in the area(s) of most pain. How to achieve the pain relief effects discussed as relates to polarity, and how negative charges can reduce swelling and edema thus reducing the cause of the pain such as bulging disc pain.

Eliminate Tennis Elbow – Diagnosing and Treating

Tennis elbow is a horrible injury and many people have been looking for the answer on how to eliminate tennis elbow. Not only is it extremely painful but it can also put you at a disadvantage with even the simplest of daily activities like opening doors, holding bags, writing and the pain can become so intense you may find discomfort holding mugs of coffee. The internet is filled with many methods on how to relieve pain but there are few that actually tell you the secret to eliminate tennis elbow and in this article I’ll give you information on tennis elbow to help you go about getting rid of the dreaded injury.

Cure Tennis Elbow – Ice Or Heat Treatment?

Tennis elbow is a very painful and very stubborn repetitive strain injury to get and also overcome. When you pull or strain a muscle it is most probably going to swell and inflame and also be painful (some tennis elbow sufferers struggle with daily activities such as holding a cup of coffee). This is why you need to know the best way to prevent further injury so that your muscle can heal which leads to the question, heat or ice treatment to cure tennis elbow?

Cure For Tennis Elbow Pain – SHOCKING Method for Relief!

Tennis elbow is a repetitive strain injury that believe it or not doesn’t just affect tennis players (85% of reported cases weren’t from tennis players). It affects people who use excessive movement of the arm; weight lifters, painters, golfers and manual labour workers (carpenters, plumbers, and mechanics) are just a few to note. Te pain of the injury can be so painful that you may find yourself struggling with simple day-to-day activities such as opening door, picking up bags and it can even be so painful that you may find yourself struggling to even hold a cup of coffee. Thankfully there are ways you can cure tennis elbow pain and one that seems to work for all who have tried it is…

Pain Management Ideas From A Kidney Donor

In 2002 I donated a kidney to my brother in an open surgery (rather than keyhole which is being used more widely now.) It was a bit sore for a while afterward (to put it mildly!) In the days, weeks, months and even years afterward I’ve listened to a lot of theories about pain management – put them to the test, and these are some of the tips that I’ve learned that I’d like to pass on to you.

Tennis Elbow Exercises – A Personal Experience

Tennis elbow is an extremely painful injury and it is a nightmare to get rid of. Some people end up having this injury so bad that they find it hard to deal with their normal day-to-day activities like holding a coffee cup, opening a door and even carrying groceries. One of the methods to fight with the injury is to do some tennis elbow exercises daily. These exercises will help you strengthen your muscles in that area and also it will help increase range of motion and decrease stiffness. Using these exercises daily is a way to get back onto the road of recovery and help strengthen the injured muscle and tendons in your arm.

Chiropractic – Avoiding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Many people experience discomfort in their fingers, hands, wrists and forearms. This can range from numbness, tingling like the hand is falling asleep, loss of feeling, aches and pains and loss of strength causing items to be dropped. I’d like to give you ideas on how to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome or, if you’re having carpal tunnel syndrome problems, how you can obtain relief.

Bloodless Surgery for Hip and Knee Replacements

Blood management and bloodless medicine options for hip and knee replacement surgery has grown in recent years. Today, total hip and knee replacements can be performed without blood transfusions.

Causes and Cures For Upper Back Shoulder Pain

When you hear people complaining of back pain, the pain is usually in the lower back. However, not all back pain is low in the lumbar region. Some of it is up high.

Chose Pillows From a Half Moon Knee Pillow to a Lumbar Pillow to Alleviate Pains

To ensure good health, the body requires getting a good night’s rest. It is advisable to invest in an orthopedic variety, if you wake up tired from lack of sleep every day.

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