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Dancing Can Cause Foot Pain on the Arch of The Foot

Feet can be injured with any activity that includes running, jumping, pounding, or stomping. Did you ever think dancing could be a cause of plantar fasciitis?

Cold Laser Therapy Help Tendons to Heal

Tendons injuries are common injuries and can have difficult recoveries. Several therapies are available to help speed healing, and cold laser therapy has been very effective at decreasing pain and speeding recovery times.

Medical Abortion Eligibility, Contraindication, and Side Effects

Medical abortion is an alternative to surgical abortion. It has 95% success rate and is extremely safe. The drugs used are proven to be safe and effective.

The Best Way to Identify a Neck Injury

Neck injuries should always be taken seriously. In severe cases, they can result in mental and physical disability, paralysis and in extreme cases, death. If you have seen an accident occur, you just might need to find out of the person has a neck injury. This is very important, because if the person’s neck has actually got injured, it is critical that they be immobilized. It will prevent further damage.

Dentists Are The Best Medical Professionals To Treat TMJ Dysfunction

Many people will be surprised to learn that dentists are the best medical professionals to treat TMJ dysfunction and jaw pain. With the modern technology options and their schooling, dentists typically should be the first option when getting information on your jaw pain.

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