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Types of Spinal Wellness Care for Different Health Needs

Spinal wellness care comes in different types that are suitable for all types of health conditions and discomforts. It is applicable to general health care or treatment of specific medical conditions. Just like any areas in the field of medicine, spinal wellness care also has specialized branches of study. Practitioners of spinal wellness care, also called wellness experts, are capable of performing mild adjustments in areas where misalignments or subluxations are found and relieve patients from pain caused by such misalignments.

The Challenge Of Treating SI Joint Pain

SI joint area pain may or may not be actually coming from the SI joint. It may be strictly situated in this area (the buttock) or it may radiate down the leg somewhat. It may be confused with myofascial type pain in the paraspinal muscles, piriformis, or gluteal muscles. The challenge for SI pain is finding the patients whose history and physical match true symptoms for SI joint pain, and then a diagnosis of SI joint pain can be confirmed by a positive response to an anesthetic intra-articular block.

After a Car Accident or Whiplash Injury: Symptoms of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI)

We have all had this happen, or know someone this has happened to. Suddenly, someone crashes into the back end of your car and you feel your head extend back over the headrest and then rebound forwards, almost hitting the steering wheel with your forehead. Because whiplash symptoms are often subtle and non-specific, it’s quite normal for patients not to complain about them. This is because the symptoms are vague and hard to describe and, many feel the symptoms are caused by simply being tired or perhaps upset about the accident. The good news is that most of these injuries will recover within 3-12 months but unfortunately, not all do and in these cases, the term, post-concussive syndrome is sometimes used.

Chiropractic Adjustment and Asthma Treatment

This is an in depth look at what a chiropractic manual adjustment does at the cellular level for a patient with asthma. It will show how and why a chiropractic adjustment works.

Why Pain in the Lower Back, Hips and Buttocks?

Pain felt in the lower back and around the hips and buttocks may be an indicator of piriformis muscle syndrome. Learn how this syndrome occurs and how it can be treated.

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