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Natural Pain Relief With Acupressure Mats: A Personal Experience

The following article discusses my use of various acupressure mats for the treatment of chronic neck and back pain. It contains my view of certain products in the market, as well as recommendations for effective results.

Heat or Cold?

Your in pain so the question is which is best? Do I use Cold or do I use Heat? Find out which is best for you.

Leg Weakness After Microdiscectomy

Many people with herniated discs receive microdiscectomy to relieve sciatica. However, this procedure doesn’t always relieve leg weakness.

Anatomy of Pain

In this article I discuss the nerve conduction of pain and using massage as an adjunct to pain management. I also discuss the impact of cold weather and inadequate protection from the cold as a contributor to chronic pain.

Surviving Knee Injury Without Giving Up Running

This article tackles more on the issue of what to do about problems regarding knee injury and how it can be remedied.The right posture and the proper survival gear must be given considerations all the time.

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