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Pain Management Treatment Options for Low Back Pain Resulting From Degenerative Disc Disease

Patients with Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease, also called DDD, suffer from predominantly back pain which may wax and wane or be present all the time like a pebble in a person’s shoe. If the lumbar disk is deemed to be the source of back pain, what are the treatment options for pain relief?

4 Tips to Help You Prevent Gout

Do you know a good way to help prevent gout? Do you still believe that someday, if you look long enough, you’ll stumble upon the perfect gout cures? There are no gout cures! The best that you can do is take steps to prevent gout from occurring in the first place. How? Read these 4 Tips and you’ll be on your way to living gout free.

Pain Addiction – Pain Killers Can Help And Hurt If Abused

Pain Killers can be life-saving or life-taking! They are used for all sorts of ailments from headaches and insect bites to chronic arthritis and post-surgical pain. Commonly known as analgesics, pain relievers are drugs used to suppress pain mechanism; there are basically two categories in pain killers: Narcotic and Non-narcotic.

Sports Injuries – How to Comfort and Care for Injured Athletes

How can you help yourself or a loved one recover faster and with more comfort after a sports injury or surgery? Here are a few suggestions by a former athlete who has suffered from many nagging sports injuries. Included are his tips and methods for how to best aid the healing process, as well as his recommendations for products that will make recovery quicker and more comfortable.

Be Like Water With Your Pain

Change your mind and change your pain. Learning to live a great life with pain means we radically change our attitude towards it. Shifting and changing our attitude towards pain can reduce it by 50%!

Empowering Attitude Towards Pain

My attitude towards pain and suffering determines whether I grow and mature and become empowered through pain or stay stuck as a victim to pain. When I can eat, gently, slowly and mindfully, and sort of chew my suffering and pain the freedom of the potential of who I am is revealed. This freedom can be as strength, as courage, peace, love stillness or any quality or virtue.

Finding What’s Deeper Than My Pain

Behind all pain is a place of peace and power. A place where stillness is. A place where we can be even in the midst of terrible pain. Through practice and changing our orientation towards pain we can learn how to access this place and find a new life with our pain.

Spaciousness, Breathing and Pain Management

Noticing that inside this very breath is the opportunity to find a spacious freedom. Often it seems so much life is contained inside a small space.

Where Does Pain Come From?

Pain can be a horrible thing, but where does pain come from? Let’s talk for a moment about one of the reasons that we get into pain. After we get a feel for how we get into pain, how do you get out?

Your Left Foot Knows What Your Right Foot Is Doing!

Anyone in pain will tell you it’s one of the most stressful things on the planet.  Here is a map that can help us all when we have a little pain or a huge ache.  Your left foot knows what your right foot is doing thanks to the brilliance of the brain, spine & nervous system.

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