Biden Tried to Ban Marijuana Sales and the House Just Killed His Plan

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Painful Urination – What Is It?

Passing stones isn’t pleasing. The pain will bring you to the floor. It stings, aches and can scare you after you see blood in your urine. There are ways to get rid of them with out visiting the doctor.

Physical Therapist – Make Your Appointment Checklist

If you need to see a physical therapist, you want to get the most out of each and every visit. Before you can show up for a visit, you want to make sure that you are well prepared.

New Ways of Banishing Pain

Pain is now considered the fifth vital sign, along with temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration as it provides information that something is wrong. It is a subjective experience that each of us experience differently.

Myofascial Release Technique for Treating Pain

Contrary to popular belief, myofascial release technique is not a type of massage therapy. Instead, it is a whole-body treatment method that focuses on specialized stretching of sore muscles and surrounding fascia to relieve soft tissue problems resulting from a variety of causes, such as injury from accidents and poor posture.

Interrupting the Cycle of Chronic Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, you are not alone. Millions of Americans seek treatment for chronic pain, pain that continues for more than six months. The cycle of pain involves the physical body and the mental/emotional body – symptoms of each negatively reinforce the other. Thus, interrupting this cycle is key.

Muscle Joint Pain Treatment and Herbal Remedies That Work Effectively

Muscle and joint pain deeply interferes with one’s quality of life. There are many herbs containing anti-inflammatory properties and having no side effects.

Joint Pain Stiffness and Inflammation Relief Natural Remedies

Joint stiffness is the condition which is related with inactivity, decreased range or total loss of motion in a joint. If the patient is suffering from osteoarthritis then he or she may suffer from joint stiffness after waking up.

Hip Joint Pain Causes and Effective Natural Ways to Get Relief

Hip joint pain is a very painful condition that can be caused due to various reasons. Some of the common causes of hip pain are bursitis, nerve irritation, muscle strain, arthritis etc.

Joint Pain Remedies, Natural Treatment and Causes

Joint pain is a common problem and people all around the world suffer from it. For some people joint pain is mild and for some people it may be severe but, lots of people have to suffer from this problem.

Types of Back Muscle Pain That You Must Know

Back muscle pain is a common form of back pain. There are different types of back muscle pain such as back muscle strain and back muscle sprain.

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