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Lessons Of A Pulled Thigh Muscle

About 11 years ago, this weekend warrior participated in a good old fashioned Sunday morning touch football game. As I extended my left leg, outstretched to defend a receiver from catching the ball, I felt a pop in my left hamstring. I came away limping, unable to put any pressure on it. With little rehab, I was back running in a few weeks-big mistake! About 8 months later, I started to develop pain in my left hip and to this day, that hasn’t changed. I still am very physically active and fit, but my running days are behind me-or so I thought.

Neck Pain – Management of Neck Pain Without Medication

Neck pain has the potential of bringing our daily lives to a halt. Neck pain causes a lot of discomfort and may sometimes be unbearable. Many people often turn to medication to manage the pain. But before you attempt to deal with your neck pain using an alternative method of management, ensure that you consult a qualified medical doctor to avoid making the situation worse.

Knee Pain – Common Causes of Knee Pain

Though not always taken seriously, knee pain can result in the loss of the ability to carry out normal daily functions. Our legs also bear much of the body’s weight. Treatment of knee pain resulting from ligament injuries depends on the severity of the injury. Severe injuries may require open surgery to repair the damage.

Pain Management – An Introduction to Pain Management

Pain management is a medical specialty that is rapidly growing in popularity and application. This specialty deals with the reduction of pain in the body by applying the principles of science and medicine. When the source of the pain is identified, a treatment method is determined and you may be referred to a pain management specialist to help you better deal with the pain.

Joint Pains In Children

Millions of people around the globe suffered from joint pains. Joint pains affect about 1 in 5 adults. However, it is a different story when it comes to children suffers from joint pains. Statistics showed that about 300,000 children under the age of 18 years are affected by joint pains, of which 50,000 children are victims of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, or JRA. While joint pain is a common problem with the children, most of the time this is usually not of serious causes. In severe cases, it can be anything from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme disease or rheumatoid fever.

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