NYPD Confiscates 106lbs of Hemp Thinking It’s Pot

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CM8: What Is CM8 and Does It Really Make a Difference?

If you are looking for joint pain relief for arthritis, bursitis, fibromyalgia, repetitive stress injuries, sports injuries, or post-surgical aches and pains in your knees or hips, the range of treatments and supplements on the market can be overwhelming. As you read each label you will see all kinds of chemical formula names with some being all-natural and some not.

What Does The Research On Massage Show For Relieving Back And Neck Pain?

In the US, pain is a verifiable epidemic, with over 100 million people experiencing chronic pain at a cost of over $500 billion annually. With the multiple options available for reducing pain, it often takes more than one treatment to achieve a new satisfactory status quo. How well does massage therapy work for back and neck pain reduction?

Should Holistic Therapies Replace Narcotic Treatment?

The most popular method for chronic pain treatment is narcotics. Between the years 1997 and 2006, there has been a 347 percent increase in narcotic usage (Dartmouth Medicine Magazine). There is a frustrating shift among pain management providers who are now asking the question “Is such a dramatic use of narcotics effective? The answer is that narcotics are an easy option from doctors, but a better option for increasing function is adding holistic treatments to the mix. The pain may not be eliminated, but function may be improved which is extremely important.

Orthokine – Treatment of Arthritis and Spinal Disorders

Orthokine is an antilogous concept that is used for the treatment of arthritis and spinal disorders. Osteoarthritis, the loss of cartilage in the joint has many causes. The factors like being overweight, predisposition, heavy load by work, etc are the main causes for osteoarthritis.

Finding Relief for Your Sciatica Pain

Health education is an important factor in dealing with independence of self-medication; it serves as a primary intervention to any disease including sciatica. There are so many solution to the relief of sciatica pain but all of these things will not be a worthy solution if the person is not willing to learn and practice the right ways of relieving such complications. The importance of following the right method can be beneficial and good for the relief of sciatica pain with the help of your attending physician because this processes are not easily meddled with practice without the guidance….

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