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Pain is Not Real – So, Be Tough and Suck it Up!

Back in the day, I was a great athlete, and if you look at me now, you would probably laugh a little because I could probably stand to lose about 15 pounds, how about yourself? Heck, maybe I could lose twenty without looking too skinny. Now then, when I was younger I was a track star, and one hell of a runner, and I wasn’t afraid of pain, sore muscles, or grueling workouts.

Glucosamine and High Blood Pressure – Important Information You Should Know

Did you realize that there may be a link between using glucosamine and high blood pressure issues? Glucosamine is a natural substance found in the human body, it is an amino acid found in connective tissue and cartilage of the body. For many people it is also their number one supplement, especially those who suffer from osteoarthritis.

Causes of Shoulder Joint Pain

There are many causes of shoulder joint pain. There are several reasons you may be experiencing shoulder joint pain and here are a few of the most common causes.

Basketball and ACL Injuries – Secrets to Playing With a Torn, Ruptured Or Sprained Ligament

If you have ever hurt your ACL (or other knee ligament) and you do not want it to stop you from playing basketball, then this article was written for you. This free information can help you stay on the court.

Numbness Or Pain of the Arms Or Hands – How Does Chiropractic Help?

Arm and hand pain or numbness can seriously interfere with a person’s activities of daily living. Common household tasks such as brushing teeth or lifting objects may become an agonizing ordeal.

Tennis and ACL Injuries – Do Not Let a Tear of Your Anterior Cruciate Ligament Stop You

If you have a tear or sprain of your ACL, and you like tennis, then this article was written for you. This free information can help someone in your position.

Neck Cushion

There is nothing worse than having a sore neck. The fact is that when we are traveling, it often puts a lot of strain on the neck region, because we are always sitting awkwardly. At some point in our life we realize while traveling how important it is to get proper rest. This becomes more important when we travel long distance. Be it a journey by road or air neck cushions are a boon for the travelers.

Glucosamine Chondroitin Liquid

Human body manufactures a compound Glucosomine naturally. It is required in our body to reproduce a molecule which is further used in the formation as well as repair of cartilage and other body tissues. As we grow older our body slows down in its production and hence the start of various problems likes arthritis.

Magnetic Back Support

Magnetic back support is said to improve blood circulation and increases the blood oxygen level to enhance metabolism. Back gets appropriate support which further enhances and speeds up the natural healing process. It is based on the use of magnetic therapy. This is a very old technique which has been used over the period of time and improved. The magnets used have the ability to penetrate deep enough to relieve the pain.

The Chiropractic Answer To – “Should I Use Ice Or Heat?”

Many times people wonder whether to use ice or heat for a condition like neck pain or lower back pain. This can be a controversial topic. In general, when pain is present there is inflammation so we should use ice or cold to reduce swelling and pain.

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