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How to Manage Your Chronic Pain – Four Reasons for Taking Control of Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain can cause depression and anxiety that can make you a prisoner in your own body, isolating you from family, friends and all of the activities you enjoy. Pain can deny you employment, recreation and greatly reduce your quality of life. You have the power to change, by taking personal control of your chronic pain management. Chronic pain can be invisible to those around you therefore it is not easily treatable by others. It is not like a break or a wound that can be related to or seen. While there will and should be others involved in this process, you are the one “in charge” because; Only you can act in your own best interest; Only you know how much you are suffering; Only you know how much it hurts to do the simplest thing that others seem to take for granted. and only you can tell when something works or doesn’t. I want to share the successful techniques I have found that work for me to take control and manage my chronic pain(s) in the hope that some of them might help you.

The Plan for Improving Pain Management Care in the US

Pain management in the US is big business, and it should be. A recent report from the Institute of Medicine reported that acute and chronic pain afflicts 116 million Americans annually to the financial tune of $560 billion. Yes, you read that right, BILLION! With these impressive numbers, a plan needs to be put in place for improving the care and outcomes of pain management in the US. This should not revolve around “pill mills” obviously.

This Could Be Causing Your Neck And Shoulder Pain

Have you got, neck pain, shoulder pain, maybe both? Then this article is for you.

What Splitting Nails Imply

Onychoschizia is the medical term for splitting nails. The condition is caused by horizontal breaks forming in the nail plate which makes the nails unsightly and causes the splitting nails problem. Onychorrhexis is another nail splitting condition and anyone suffering from this may be suffering from a condition known as ‘brittle nail syndrome” It has been estimated that around 20% of women have the brittle bone syndrome.

Ridges In Fingernails And Health Symptoms

Ridges in fingernails is a condition that should not be ignored as it can tell you if there is a health problem, even though you have no symptoms. The fingernails will change color with different medical conditions and every imperfection in them has a meaning, such as kidney disease or a heart problem. If your nail color changes to yellow and becomes swollen, this indicates that there may be a problem with the respiratory system.

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