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Likeable Pain Management Patients Get Treated Differently Than Unlikeable Ones

New research has recently come out looking at how seriously patients in pain are taken with regards to how their likeability. Normally one would think medical professionals treat patients in an unbiased fashion and equally depending on their diagnoses, but the findings from a recent study in the Journal of PAIN show that this is actually not the case. In the study, the authors looked at 40 participants which were fairly evenly divided between men and women.

Alternative Drug Therapy Approach Alleviates Cerebral Palsy Symptoms and Muscle Spasticity

Treatment using medical marijuana seems to alleviate the symptoms of different types of cerebral palsy such as athetoid cerebral palsy that leads to involuntary and uncontrolled movements in the affected muscles and ataxic cerebral palsy where children are extremely unsteady and shaky because the brain cells responsible for the sense of balance and depth perception are affected. The cannabinoids in marijuana help cerebral palsy patients reduce the spasticity in their muscles because these cannabinoids bind with the cannabinoid receptors in the body that trigger the prediction of chemicals that act as muscle relaxants that offer spastic muscle control.

What Fibromyalgia Treatments Work?

Finding appropriate treatments for fibromyalgia and its wide range of chronic symptoms can be challenging. There are many options out there to help treat this chronic pain condition. Don’t stop looking for treatments that help you functioning on a daily basis with minimal pain.

Home Care for Elbow Pain

Not every case of elbow pain is a medical emergency for there are some that you can manage at home. Learn about different home care treatments for elbow pain.

What Are the Components of a Pain Management Agreement, or Pain Contract?

At pain management clinics around the country now, physicians are utilizing pain management agreements, which are also called “pain contracts.” Plenty of individuals do not like to use the term pain contracts, however effectively it means the same thing as a pain agreement. There are certain components of a pain agreement that are fairly ubiquitous from practice to practice.

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