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The Dangers of Wearing High-Heeled Stiletto Shoes

This article describes the dangers of wearing high-heeled, stiletto shoes for walking in, on a regular basis. It may not seem to be a problem to walk in these unbalanced high-heeled shoes, but you are damaging your gait pattern by walking in them on a regular basis. They make you vulnerable to falls because your body is completely imbalanced. Instead of walking on your whole foot, the stiletto force your skeletal body forwards so that your weight is no longer central to your body and results in premature osteoarthritis to your hips, knees and feet. The final outcome may be that you end up in a wheelchair, because you cannot walk and as a consequence may to live in a nursing home for your later years. All for the opportunity of wearing stiletto, high-heeled shoes!

Ergonomics and Jewelry Making – Pain Prevention

Your hands, eyes and upper body are your most important and most vulnerable tools. Jewelry making creates a situation in which you use these tools in in an extremely intensive way.

Pain Management Made More Effective Through Medical and Psychological Interventions

Effective pain management requires psychological intervention along with medical care. You can benefit from an ideal combination of these two, provided at reputable pain clinics in the US.

Update: Head Injuries Revisited

Head injuries in athletes resulting in concussions occur more frequently than previously thought. We are learning more about the problem and the important consequences. Each year more than 300,000 athletes in the U.S. suffer some form of traumatic brain injury (TBI). High school athletes comprise 60,000 of these injuries. The consequences vary a great deal but can be both emotional and intellectual. TBI can result in short term symptoms as well as problems that are more serious and may not surface until several years later.

10 Tips On Getting Relief From Sciatica

According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, sciatica is defined as pain along the course of a sciatic nerve, especially in the back of the thigh caused by compression, inflammation, or reflex mechanisms. The sciatic nerve is an ensemble of several nerve roots that join together and create the longest and largest nerve in the body.

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