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Are Chiropractic Neck Adjustments Safe?

There is some controversy over whether chiropractic treatment is safe for neck problems. Learn the risks and benefits of chiropractic neck manipulation.

Back and Neck Pain Often Caused By Mobile Device Use

We live in an era of mobile technology; iPads, iPods, smart phones and laptops are highly used in many societies. The way in which we use these devices may lead to chronic back and neck pain. Learn how to enjoy your mobile device without wreaking havoc on your body.

5 Ways to Avoid Joint Replacement With Hip Arthritis

Arthritis in the hip is a condition that affects millions of Americans every year. With every step in walking, the hip has to absorb more than one times body weight due to the pressure of going through the joint as it supports all the person’s weight and then some with each step. Due to either genetics, or an accident with post-traumatic arthritis, or just repetitive use, arthritis may set in one or both hips, making every day difficult for patients to simply get around.

8 Ways To Avoid A Knee Replacement With Knee Arthritis

Knee arthritis affects millions of Americans every year. It can affect a person’s ability to walk properly, enjoy recreational activities, work, and play with one’s family. Undergoing a knee replacement for knee arthritis can be an extremely effective quality-of-life decision. However, it is not without risk – here are 8 ways to avoid one.

5 Pharmacologic Options for Keeping Arthritis Non-Surgical

Musculoskeletal arthritis affects millions of Americans each year. It represents an annoying source of pain, and finding a cure for arthritis would be the Holy Grail of medicine. Unfortunately, we don’t have a silver bullet right now, but we do have some pharmacologic treatments that can be very effective in allowing patients to live and function without incapacitating pain from the arthritis.

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