Alabama Legislature Votes on Legalizing Medical Marijuana

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Osteopath Explains When to Use an Ice Pack or Heat Pack

Unsure when to use an ice pack and when to use a heat pack? Wonder no more. In this article an osteopath explains the difference between both packs and gives you instructions on when to use each.

Fibromyalgia – Pain That Does Not Go Away

Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a clinically recognisable condition, which is characterised by chronic musculoskeletal pain and tender points at multiple sites. The condition causes significant disability and it has been reported that it is prevalent in 2% of the population in the USA and Canada.NHS Direct states that it affects 4% of the population in the UK and 14700 new cases manifest each year. This article will describe fibromyalgia syndrome. Subsequent articles will explore how acupuncture can as a complementary therapy, help patients manage fibromyalgia syndrome.

What Are the Alternatives to Knee Surgery?

Knee injuries are very common in the United States and result in over 1 million surgeries per year. Out of those surgeries, there are an estimated 650,000 arthroscopic meniscal procedures performed every year. That’s a lot of cutting!

Rigid Cervical Collar – Neck Braces and Collars – Brace Companies Near You

Do you need a neck brace? Maybe your doctor wants you to get one for support, or maybe you have decided to get one for yourself. Rigid cervical collars have their place and can help you when the time is right.

The Effectiveness Of Tens Unit Electrodes

It is highly likely that you have heard the term electrodes, but you might never give consideration to what Tens units electrodes actually means. From a technical point of view, TENS is short for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. The electrical impulses are utilized to provide relief from painful sensation.

TENS Unit – What Is It And How Does It Help With Pain Management?

A TENS Unit can offer non-pharmaceutical control for pain which could lower dependency on medicinal drugs. These are very easy for all patients to handle and could be worn while doing daily activities at the office and also during fun exercises. They are non-addictive and inexpensive.

What Are the Best Treatments for Whiplash?

When it comes to whiplash, there are multiple treatment options available depending on where the injury occurred and the resultant symptoms. With some perseverance, dedication, and a positive attitude, treatment results will be optimized. It is very common that whiplash victims don’t experience the pain right away.

Artificial Leg – Below The Knee – Prosthetics to Help People Walk Again – Local Specialists

If you are an individual that has lost your leg, below your knee, then this article can help someone in your position. We will discuss the use of prosthetic legs for below knee amputees in this article and tell you how to find a professional near you.

5 Ways to Help Reiki Flow Stronger When Someone Is in Pain

If You find yourself in a situation of giving Reiki when You’re in pain or someone else is in pain and the Reiki doesn’t seem to be flowing very much. There are things You can do to help the Reiki flow, even when there’s intense pain happening.

Bulging Disc Treatment – Take It Easy, Give It Time to Heal

For any human being, a typical and troublesome condition that can occur and trigger complications for both young and old is back pain. Back pain is a very typical condition, since it can be a result of a wide variety of variables and the severity of the pain can differ from patient to patient. Among the many attributable factors of back pain, one of the most common variables is bulging disc, sometimes spelled as bulging disk.

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