North Carolina Senators Approve Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill In Committee

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Use of Hypnosis For Pain Management

People typically tend to think of hypnosis as some kind of circus act. This cannot help though since there is so much hype regarding its use.

Easy Solution To Shoulder Pain

If you ever take a moment to stop and look around at your fellow weight-lifters at your health club, it is likely that you will make a troubling observation. An inordinate number of gym patrons are forced to pause frequently throughout their weight-lifting routines in order to rub their painful shoulders. Unfortunately, shoulder pain is nagging and prevalent in health clubs, despite the fact that most pain can be avoided with a few simple precautions.

Quick Ways to Reduce Kneecap Pain

The complex structure of the knee joint gives a prominent role to the kneecap in ensuring the stability of the joint. The kneecap is therefore involved in every movement that you make with the joints in your knee. This makes the kneecap susceptible to pain as a result of the repeated forces that are placed on it during the course of a normal day.

Chronic Constipation – How to Stay Clear of It

Long-term bowel problems may be difficult to prevent, but there are means you can fight it. Constipation is the abrupt tightening of the intestine or sudden irregularity of the intestines which result in irregular bowel movements. And this long-term constipation causes difficulty in excreting waste out of the body.

Considering Total Hip Replacement?

Undergoing a total hip replacement can be an arduous process but following these simple tips may help everything go a little smoother. The hip joint is what is known as a “ball and socket” joint.

Posture Corrective Brace

Sitting at a computer all day, working in the same position repeatedly, driving, reading, nursing a baby are just a few of many essential daily activities we do that can cause us bad posture. Bad posture is a problem that affects so many people. There are both short term and long term effects, and it is something that you want to correct as soon as possible.

Natural and Safe Ways to Relieve Pain

This article discusses some common ways to relieve pain, naturally. You may not have heard of these remedies, but they are easily available in most homes and as effective as any medicine.

Managing Your Whiplash Pain – Part Four

Now you have your exercise plan firmly established you need to progress the distances your neck can move towards its full range and increase the frequency you perform them. As the ranges of movement mostly move towards normal you will likely find that one or two movements are more difficult and slower to return to than the others.

Managing Your Whiplash Pain – Part Three

The stages of whiplash management we have covered are: taking painkillers regularly; rest; keep active at a reduced level; pace and don’t overdo; intersperse periods of activity and resting. As the pain reduces all these things remain important but you can now beneficially introduce exercise to your management programme.

Using a Knee Strap to Reduce Knee Pain

Knee pain is something that a lot of sport people, or any one that is active on a regular basis can suffer. There are many different kinds of injuries that you may suffer, however we can separate them into two separate groups. There are acute injuries and there are chronic injuries. A knee strap can be used for both, however it is more common that it is needed for chronic injuries. This is an injury that occurs over a period of time, it is also known as an overuse injury.

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