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Rotator Cuff Pain Relief

Are you tired of having to deal with rotator cuff pain? This is a terrible kind of pain, not only because of the pain itself, but also because it prevents you to do things you did everyday like for example lifting things or reaching for things on high places. Finding relief is the best thing you can do now if you want things to go back to normal.

Exercises For Rotator Cuff Injuries Will Aid Healing Those Shoulder Injuries

Did you know that there are exercises for rotator cuff injuries that can be just as effective as surgery in many cases? Many doctors are now recommending that you try some of the many rotator cuff exercises that could actually help you to not only heal your shoulder, but give you the strength you thought you would never have again. You can also seek physical therapy for your injured rotator cuff, which will help you to strengthen the area that is injured, so that you don’t risk re-injuring yourself at a later time. In addition to adding strength to the affected area, exercises for rotator cuff injuries also help to add strength to the surrounding muscles, which will add support to the injured shoulder.

Managing Cancer Pain

Cancer pain for most patients is constant and hard to get relief from. The medications generally prescribed for cancer patients are quite strong. There are alternative therapies such as hypnosis which can help with your cancer pain with the possibility of being able to reduce or even eliminate your pain relief medication.

Why Are You Suffering from Knee Joint Pain?

The knee joint comprises of 3 compartments namely patella, fibula and tibia. Femur is the thigh bone and it meets the tibia, the shin bone to form the main joint. The joint has an outer compartment known as lateral and the inner one is referred to as medial.

Kidney Stones – What Are They and Advice on Avoiding Them

It may appear that these days women are getting the best of treatment and the most of everything when it comes to health and fitness. However, there is one area of health where the male of the species is getting much more – four times more in fact.

Sore Muscles – How to Treat Them the Natural Way

Our body is a complex structure of organs, bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons that work together to create movement and mobility. It feels great to be able to do so many things and be active but sometimes, we push our bodies to take more than it can handle. We end up with joint pains, soreness and muscle stiffness.

Where’s My Pain?

I’ve noticed that clients usually come to me after having tried many other avenues, frustrated and searching for a solution. Living with chronic pain can be debilitating.

How to Manage Muscle Pain

There are different degrees of muscle pain, some more severe than others. Simple aches and pains are to be expected when we overexert ourselves, sustain an injury, or experience some sort of trauma. However, the more chronic conditions associated with muscle pain, like fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, lupus, or advanced infections like malaria, influenza, or polio are another subject entirely.

How to Survive the Holidays With Fibromyalgia

Looking back, it makes perfect sense. I had no idea at the time that food was the cause of my pain and when did I eat the most? During the holidays.

Reducing Inflammation – Three Quick Tips For Reducing Inflammation in Your Body

Reducing inflammation is something we should all be aware of, because the foods we consume nowadays are leading to a huge in crease in inflammatory conditions. This article explains that in more detail…

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